Lean Six Sigma

Hebeler's Lean Six Sigma(LSS) and CI program is a philosophy that enables growth and eliminates muri, mura and muda.

Our program is built on:

  • Deming's System of Profound Knowledge & 14 points
  • Shingo’s Principles of Operational Excellence
  • Six Sigma DMAIC Model
  • Kaizan Projects

This system is carried throughout the entire organization and shared

with our supply chain resulting in:

  • A fully integrated program
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher quality and safety
  • Reduced variability

Every employee within Hebeler has been trained on Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement and we also have strategically trained employees from Yellow belts to Master Black Belts.


Hebeler also works closely with the University at Buffalo's Center for Industrial Excellence (TCIE) to bring in interns who are familiar with Six Sigma, as well as train and maintain this initiative.

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Continuous Improvement-My CI

Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement